Both HPiVS UK and Ireland offer a dual UKCA + CE certification service where only the one assessment is necessary.

Some certifiers will split your documentation and send it to different departments for assessment. Sometimes these departments will be in different countries. Each department manager will pass the work to an employee who must report back to his line manager who must then report back to the project manager who must seek approval from his line manager. If any person in the chain is away on vacation, the project stalls. While HPiVS has inspectors all over the world, the assessment of documentation and the decision making is all done from one office. Thus we are very efficient.

Most certifiers issue certificates that are valid only for one year and charge fees to renew it each year. HPiVS believes that type approved products are approved for as long as the product, the regulation and the standards all remain the same. Thus our type approval certificates are valid until the manufacturer makes a change or until we tell the manufacturer that the standards or regulation have changed. If there are no changes, we don’t charge annual fees. This also saves you the time and effort of compiling the pointless (identical) annual returns that other certifiers demand.

As a strict matter of policy, a representative of HPiVS must inspect every product we certify but if you can be flexible with your production to present us with multiple products at one inspection or if you can present when we are inspecting other clients in your region, then we can save costs. So we can pass the saving on to you. Now isn’t that better than a table of charges where it is the same price per unit whether you have 1 or 50 products to be presented?

As stated above, our project managers and decision makers work out of one office and we don’t send sections of the file to different departments. So you can always reach the person dealing with ALL of your project.

Nobody likes a proposal that is “plus expenses”. Some certifiers not only add travel costs (from where?) but also the inspector’s time. So with many certifiers the table of fees may look good value but there is a sting in the tail. At HPiVS we don’t have a table of charges but if you tell us the details, we will come back with a fixed price, all-inclusive proposal. You can then set your budgets in the knowledge that there will be no surprise with the CE certification fees.

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