HPi Verification Services is a Notified Body, which means we may issue certificates, on behalf of the EU Commission, for products that need a CE mark in order to access the European market.

To earn this status, we operate to a code of conduct and quality system that is reviewed by the British & Irish Governments, on behalf of the EU Commission. We are accredited by the Irish National Accreditation Board, INAB.

Check our authorisation on the EU Commissions’ web site.

EU Certification

If you require UKCA certification, please head over to our sister company HPiVS UK.

HPiVS has clients all over the world. We work for one-man enthusiasts building boats and model trains in their back garden through to blue-chip organisations that are household names. We have clients on all continents.

Our recent industrial clients include Alco Valves, ABB, LG, Pfizer, British Energy, BAE Systems, Accentus Zircotec, LG, Cross Group, Wahlco, UK Health Protection Agency, General Motors, Glaxo, Cambi, Reviss Services, McBurney, Hy-Grade Valve Inc., KE Bergmann…

Our recent marine clients include: Sunseeker, Oyster Yachts, Rinker Boats, Princess Yachts, Fairline, Siena Marine, Cheoy Lee, Mastercraft, Nordhavn, Pearl, Westerbeke, Polar Kraft, RayMarine, Hy-Pro, Seastar, Centurion Boats, Hacker Boats, Ribeye, Williams Performance Tenders, ZF (Padua), Outer Reef, Arcona…

You can see what our customers say about us in a selection of testimonials.

HPiVS began, in 1996, as a department within AEA Technology Plc, a FTSE 200 company. The Certification Services Department of the Atomic Energy Authority was subsequently sold to private investors and has been operating continuously since its foundation. Although the name “HPi Verification Services” has only existed since June 2010, the current CEO has been with the organisation since its foundation in 1997. Thus the principal personnel of HPiVS have been working in CE marking since before the RCD and PED Directives were in force. Our experience in the field cannot, therefore, be surpassed. As proof of this, our staff have been employed by the EU Commission as their representatives for several missions into Eastern Europe to assess EU applicant nations’ preparations for compliance with CE marking legislation and to train government officials and captains of industry.

Our business model is to stay small so as to keep our most experienced staff, the decision makers, close to the customer, rather than at the top of long management chains.

We have partnerships with inspection companies all over the world, such as:

as well as with individual specialist consultants.  Through this network, HPiVS can usually deliver a local inspector. If specialist knowledge is required, staff may have to visit from further afield. These inspectors report back to our UK & Irish headquarters, where all pass/fail decisions are made and where all certificates are issued.

At HQ, we don’t split project files between different offices and departments as each HQ staff member handles all of a project. Thus a customer can make direct contact with the person who knows all about their project and who has the authority to make decisions.

In summary, our business model of partnerships with inspectors means that our customers don’t have to pay for wasted travel time and costs. It also means that we don’t need to carry the employment costs of a permanent army of inspectors and the management resource that would be associated with it. This allows the HQ hub to be staffed by technical experts, not management chains and human resource departments.  The result is that HPiVS’ overheads are minimal.

This ensures that HPi can provide the most cost effective solution to customers in the quickest time possible.

See what out customers have to say about us on our testimonials page.

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