HPiVS Ireland earns accreditation for PED & RCD

Ireland Inundated by UK Applications!

Even before the UK’s Brexit referendum in June 2016, HPiVS had established a company in Ireland. Since the result of the referendum, HPiVS has been working-up the Irish company towards full Notified Body status. The critical and most time-consuming step in this process is earning accreditation from the Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB). Poor INAB, who prior to Brexit, had only 2 Notified Bodies in the country to audit, has been inundated with applications from UK conformity assessment bodies. Having been already established in Ireland, HPiVS was at the front of the queue.

HPiVS At the Front of the Queue

The process of accreditation was formally completed on 5th December 2018, when INAB accredited HPi Verification Services (Ireland) Ltd to ISO 17065 with a scope for certifying products to the EU Recreational Craft Directive and the EU Pressure Equipment Directive.

Accreditation Standards

For those who like the detail: HPiVS is operating exactly the same procedures in both the UK and Irish offices but whereas the UK company has UKAS accreditation to ISO 17020 as a Type A Inspection Body, HPiVS management took the decision to have the Irish company accredited by INAB to ISO 17065 as a product Certification Body. This decision was taken to ensure and demonstrate how robust is the foundation upon which HPiVS certificates stand.

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