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Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed Article 52 of the current RCD sets a deadline for the EU Commission to report to the European Parliament with regards to:
  • the impact of further reducing engine exhaust emissions,
  • the feasibility of introducing requirements for evaporative emissions, and
  • the impact of design categories on consumers and manufacturers and whether sub-categories are required.
The deadlione of 18 January 2022 is exactly a year away and so the Commission has just published an online survey for intersted parties: Structure of the survey The first part of the survey focuses on the technical and economic feasibility for further reducing exhaust emissions from marine propulsion engines. The second part focuses on the feasibility of introducing requirements for evaporative emissions. The third part focuses on how the current set-up of boat design categories affects manufacturers and consumers; it provides you with the opportunity to suggest additional specifications and sub-categories of boat design categories, if needed. Timing  The survey is open until 14 March 2021. You may choose to answer only one or more parts of the questionnaire. If you have questions and remarks, please contact

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