Equilibrium - Marten 55
Marten 55 – ISAF reviewed by HPi

ISAF OSR Structural Review

Since 1st of January 2010, the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) has required boats that are to be compliant with their Offshore Special Regulations, to have their scantlings certified. ISAF themselves issue the certificate but a review of scantlings must be performed by a RCD Notified Body that is specially recognised by ISAF. HPi is one of the seven bodies that has been recognised.

The procedure requires the owner or builder to apply to the Notified Body for a review.  The scope of the plan review shall be to ISO 12215 parts 5 (hull and deck), 8 (rudders) & 9 (appendages) as applicable for design category A.

There are two forms of certification:

[one_half][box type=”hpi”]Series production; where several boats of the same type are produced in accordance with the plans and therefore each yacht will not require individual review and certification
[/box][/one_half][one_half_last][box type=”hpi”]
Custom or unique boat where the boat is a one of a kind yacht or a series production yacht that has been built or modified such that it is not in accordance with the plans of that series.[/box][/one_half_last]

Clipper 70 (ISAF reviewed by HPi in 2013) racing hard.

On the successful conclusion of that review, the Notified Body makes a formal application to ISAF for a certificate. The Notified Body must pay ISAF for the certificate and the owner or builder must pay the Notified Body for the review and certificate. The review will be completed by HPi within 2 weeks of receipt of structural drawings and payment. The certificate is usually issued by ISAF a few days later. ISAF publishes a list of yachts reviewed under the scheme on its website. If the yacht is a series type production there will be a single entry for that type of yacht with a link to a certificate for an owner or builder to make a hardcopy. The owner then signs the declaration including the CIN/HIN of their particular yacht. For a unique yacht the certificate will not be published on the website and certificates will be issued direct from the ISAF recognized notified body upon compliance with the review requirements.

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