HPi Verification Services (Ireland) Limited (HPiVS) earns all of its income from a range of certification services, including the approval of welders, according to documented and accredited Quality Management System (QMS).  The QMS includes specific policies & procedures related to ensuring impartiality.

HPiVS’ management is committed to maintaining impartiality throughout all its certification activities and this includes the managing of any conflicts of interest, wherever they may occur. To this end, all internal and external assessors are required to declare external pecuniary interests and to sign, during and at the end of every project, that they are free of conflicts of interest and have acted with impartiality.

HPiVS offers its services equally to all applicants, financially, technically and practically, regardless of external pressures. HPiVS has a Board of Governors drawn from external experienced industry professionals who review the company’s procedures and performance with impartiality as their primary focus. The Board’s constitution explicitly allows for members to raise concerns with HPiVS’ accreditors.

HPiVS holds regular and formal Impartiality Reviews to identify any threats to its impartiality and keeps a register of any relationships that need regular review and management. These relationships are also scrutinised by the Board.

The actions described above all attest to HPiVS’ commitment to impartiality.